Dear Rev. Fathers,

By on June 26, 2015

Dear Rev. Fathers,

Cordial prayerful greetings of the impending feasts of St. Paul, the Apostle of Gentiles and St. Thomas, the Apostle of India. Following are the Transfers, Appointments and Relieving Orders of the priests in the Eparchy of Irinjalakuda which will take effect from 16th July 2015. The outgoing Vicars /Directors/ Office Bearers are requested to hand over all the necessary documents concerning the Parish/Institution/Movement/Association to the Respective New Vicars/ Directors/Office Bearers in the presence of concerned Forane Vicars/Vicar Generals on or before 16th July, 2015.

824 /15 V. Rev. Msgr. Sebastian Maliekal - Protosyncellus

825 /15 Rev. Fr. George Mangalan – Vicar and Chaplain, Karanchira

826/15 V. Rev. Msgr. Davis Ambooken – Vicar and Chaplain, Kallettumakra

827/15 Rev Fr. Varghese Vadakkepeedika – Vicar and Chaplain, Velayanad

828/15 Rev. Fr. Anto Thachil – Syncellus, Chaplain, Lisiuex Convent Kattungachira

829 /15 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Panthallookaran – Vicar and Chaplain, South Thanissery

830/15 V. Rev. Msgr. Jose Palatty - Vicar and Chaplain, West Chalakudy

831 /15 V. Rev. Fr. Joy Kadambatt – Chaplain Schoenstatt Sisters also

832/15 Rev. Fr. Antony Parambeth – Vicar and Chaplain, Vellanchira

833 /15 V. Rev. Msgr. Jose D. Irimpan – Syncellus, Chennai Mission

834/15 Rev. Fr. Johnson Manadan  – Vicar and Chaplain, Puthenchira also

835 /15 Rev. Fr. Jobby Pozholiparambil – Syncellus  also

836/15 Rev. Fr. Raphael Puthenveetil  – Spiritual Father, SCAS and John Paul Bhavan also

837/15 Rev. Fr. Jose Vethamattil  – Vicar and Chaplain, Karuvannur

838/15 Rev. Fr. Paul Cheruvathoor  – Vicar and Chaplain, Kottanellur

839 /15 Rev. Fr. Varghese Pathadan - Chaplain MTH Convents, Puthenchira East

840/15 Rev. Fr. Vincent Parayil – Relieved  Vicar and Chaplain,

841/15 Rev. Fr. Davis Maliekal  - Chaplain, St. Joseph’s Convent, Karuvannur

842/15 V. Rev. Fr. Joy Paliekara - Vicar and Chaplain, Irinjalakuda West also

843/15 Rev. Fr. Davis Thattil  - Relieved Thumbacode, Pastoral Ministry, Brazil

844, 845/15 Rev. Fr. Davis Kudiyirickal – Vicar and Chaplain  Edakulam and Padiyur

846/15 Rev. Fr. Raphel Panjikaran - Vicar and Chaplain, Vellangallur also

847/15 Rev. Fr. Joseph Thekkethala - Vicar and Chaplain, Mupliyam

848/15 Rev. Fr. Francis Kavil  - Vicar and Chaplain, Kumbidy

849 /15 Rev. Fr. George Vezhaparambil- Vicar and Chaplain, Thazhur

850/15 Rev. Fr. Thomas D Maliekal - Vicar and Chaplain, Vynthala

851/15 Rev. Fr. Jose Aricatt  - Relieved Corporate Manager, Vicar and Chaplain, Thumbacode

852/15 Rev. Fr. Joy Tharakkal  - Vicar and Chaplain, Kuzhikkattussery

853, 854, 855/15 Rev. Fr. John Kavalakkat Jr – Vicar and Chaplain, Parappukara,  Muthrathikara, Mulangu  also

856/15 Rev.Fr. Anto G. Alappat - Rector, Vicar and Chaplain, Kanakamala

857/15 Rev .Fr. John Paul Iyyanam – Director, Bala Bhavan, Vianney Home, Asst. Dir.   Social Action : Relieved Associate Finance Officer , Vicar – Padiyur and CHF Convents IJK

858/15 Rev. Fr. George Pareman – Manager, Corporate Ednl. Agency also

859/15 Rev.Fr. Tom Maliekal  - Director, Catechism, Vidyajyothi, Chaplain Good  Shepherd CSM, IJK; Relieved Vicar and Chaplain, Kuzhikattussery

860/15 Rev. Fr. Shaju Peter Kachappilly- Vicar and Chaplain, Madathumpady

861/15 Rev. Fr. Varghese Arikatt Jr. – Finance Officer, Chaplain, Santhi Sadan, IJK

862/15 V. Rev. Fr. Clement Chirayath – Chaplain, CHF Convents, IJK

863/15 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Nadavaramban- Vicar and Chaplain, Thachudaparambu

897/15 Rev. Fr. Saji Ponminissery- Director, Vidyajyothy Bookstall, Asst, Director Catechism also

864/15 Rev. Fr. Pauly Kannookkadan – Vicar, Aripalam, Sec. Bless A Home

865/15 Rev. Fr. Nixon Chakorya – Director, BLM Retreat Centre, Charismatic Movt.

866/15 Rev. Fr. Joju Kokkatt  - Vicar, Mannookad, Dir. Bible Apostolate, Asst. Director, Catechism

and Vidyajyothi

867/15 Rev. Fr. Robin Valappila – Vicar, Little Mount

868/15 Rev. Fr. Wilson Eluvathingal Koonan –  Vicar, Jubilee Nagar

869/15 Rev. Fr. Jijo Menoth  - Chaplain,  SND Sisters, Porathissery

870/15 Rev. Fr. Thomas Velakkanadan – Chaplain, St. Joseph’s, Aloor

871/15 Rev. Fr. Manoj Mekkadath – Relieved, Holy Chidhood and Junior CLC

872/15 Rev. Fr. Shaji Thekkekara – Relieved, Member, Liturgical Commission

873/15 Rev. Fr. Jijo Joseph Thundathil – Vicar and Chaplain, Athipet, Vice Principal, Kovilpathagai

874/15 Rev. Fr. Jinoj Kolenchery -  Relieved CML

875 /15 Rev. Fr. Jijo Chakiath  - Vicar and Chaplain, Eranavoor and Thiruvettiyoor

876/15 Rev. Fr. Renil Karathra  - Vicar, Vadkkumkara, Vice Chancellor, Member, Liturgical Commission

877/15 Rev. Fr. Joseph Sunny Mandakath-  Relieved, Notary, Asst. Director, KCSL also

878 /15 Rev. Fr. Vineesh V.Vattoly - Vice Principal And Asst. Correspondent  Kovilpathagai also

879/15 Rev. Fr. Wilson Pereppadan – Asst. Director, CYM

880 /15 Rev. Fr. Johny Kunnathuparambil- Director, Children’s Ministry also

881/15 Rev. Fr. Aji Chungan – Study leave

882/15 Rev. Fr. Sanesh Thekkethala – Study leave

883/15 Rev. Fr. Daison Kavalakkat – Asst, Director, Shalom Sadan

884/15 Rev. Fr. Sinu Arimbuparambil – Asst. Pariyaram

885 /15 Rev. Fr. Leslin Cheruparambil – 1st Asst. Mala Forane

886/15 Rev. Fr. Joseph Maliekal – Relieved, Asst. Director CYM

887/15 Rev.Fr. Jophin Kappil  - Asst. Meladoor

888/15 Rev. Fr. Nougin Vithayathil - Asst. Kallettumkara

889/15 Rev. Fr. Ebin Payyappilly – 1st Asst. Chalakudy Forane

890/15 Rev. Fr. Colin Attokkaran - Asst. Kuttikad Forane

891/15 Rev. Fr. Joseph Savio Payyappilly- Asst. Puthenchira Forane

892/15 Rev. Fr. Praveen Vathelil ISCH – Relieved Asst. Mala Forane

893/15 Rev.Fr. Prince Chirayil SDV – 2nd Asst. Mala Forane

894/15 Rev.Fr. Joby Vathalloor ISCH - Asst. Perambra


Sincerely appreciate the hard work and profound commitment all our priests are showing in the pastoral ministry. May God bless all our sacred ministries.


Ever yours in Jesus.



Bishop of Irinjalakuda

Fr. Clement Chirayath


26th June 2014

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